An Introduction to…. B.A.

Download: B.A. – What You Do

BA’s bio describes his sound as an  “asymmetrical rhyme style”.

Ironically enough that is pretty much the best way to describe this Coney Island MC’s flow.  It’s almost as if he’s  having a conversation with you through his music.  Nothing is over exerted, nothing is over emphasized. BA’s topic of choice?  Guns, drugs and jewels. A combination of topics that has been well versed over the past 10 years but also a topic that doesn’t seem to be going away.  The key is to resonate a new sound from a new perspective.

BA seems to find that balance, making catchy – yet hardcore tracks.  On his latest release, On Before the Deal, [hosted by DJ Whoo Kid] BA flexes his lyrical muscles but never strays too far from what the masses would enjoy, he has an understanding of commercially viable hood material. On Before the Deal is being re-released this summer along with a DVD, we’ll keep ya’ll posted.
In the Meantime you can download HERE.
Tape Highlights: No He Didn’t, Wish A Nigga Would, What You Do, Candy

BA- Candy [Now I Supply You]