Toronto’s Tona with NEW ALBUM

Tona [aka Daetona as I knew him] has a new album coming out on June 2nd!!

Tona “Major” feat. Tenisha [Prod. Lyve]
DIR: David F. Mewa

Download: Tona “Major” feat. Tenisha [Prod. Lyve]
More Credits –
DP: Rinku Das Gupta
EDIT: Dan Racicot
VFX: Brendan O’Brien (Amino Group)
PROD: Write Just FIlms

So I am not sure if this is his official debut album because he has so much material. I started rockin with Tona [Daetona as he was known then] since around 03′ or 04′. Since then he’s had a heap of material and features, if you so lucky enough to get your hands on any of his tapes, KEEP THEM SAFE.** There are so many great talents repping real Hip Hop from Canada, I’m almost disgusted to see Jimmy Brooks get the most play here on the state side of  things.

Nevertheless, Tona’s latest Album DIRECT DEPOSIT is dropping on this Tuesday, JUNE 2nd in stores AND on iTunes. The album is produced entirely by fellow Toronto producer Lyve, whose production so far has been impeccable [Ayah, Press]. It also features a small mix of guests including, Skyzoo, Saukrates [Canada], and T.R.A.C.K.S. Check the tracklist and another vid featuring Ayah [that broad can sing].


1. The Arrival
2. Mynd Made Up
3. Major
4. U Know It (ft Skyzoo)
5. One Stop
6. Hold Back
7. Fast Pace (ft Saukrates & T.R.A.C.K.S.)
8. Riffah Man
9. See Me In Ya City
10. Now A Dayz
11. Next Level

Tona ft. Ayah – Street of Dreams [prod. Rich Kidd]
This track isn’t on the album but goddam!!! Hip Hop at it’s bloody finest!

** International Mixtapes are extremely rare because they are usually sold on the streets or at Mom and Pop record stores [as mixtapes should be]. They are very rarely straight to download for free like American Mixtapes are. Someone usually needs to upload it [on a blog or message board, it they hardly ever gets, re-upped. With that being said, if anybody has Tona’s Black Magic Rejects Tape, put it in the comments section.