The Truth Behind Trilly and Truly

Over here at The Ovun we’ve been trying to keep our readers updated on Lupe Fiasco’s highly anticipated clothing line, Trilly & Truly. However it has been everything short of easy to inform YOU people of a brand that has barely released anything, let alone a season or collection. We’ve all been patiently waiting for this line to take center stage and issue season after season of hardness, which Lupe is fully capable of doing; the wait however, is looking to shorten up a bit. Lupe recently linked up with Complex Magazine for a brief yet, informative interview where he touches on the concept of Trilly & Truly, the launch of the brand’s webstore and what he expects in the future. The webstore allows people from all over the world to finally get their hands on a selection of twenty previously released dead stock tees, that otherwise were impossible to find, being that T&T was only sold in a few stores in Japan and Chi-Town.

Initially I was excited about the webstore launch, but that reaction was quickly consumed by a feeling of misunderstanding. As the scrolling through the webstore stopped at the final $50.00 graphic tee, I was left wanting MORE for LE$$. If this brand is the brain child of Lupe Fiasco, I expect it to exceed my expectations, and it hasn’t. The graphics were short of artistic, featuring either a Trilly & Truly script or the lightning bolt and bones logo, making the price tag of $50.00 a bit excessive. I can’t speak on the quality of the shirts in question because I have YET to have see a T&T shirt in person, but I am hoping the quality is better than the wholesale shirts no name brands use for their screen printing.

After getting a little frustrated with the direction of Trilly & Truly, I calmed down and watched the interview one last time. To grasp the direction of this clothing line you have to understand Lupe’s influences from the fashion world. Lupe has gained much of his inspiration from Asian brands such as Swagger, False, Subcrew, Bounty Hunter, and Neighborhood. Most of these labels tend to be simplistic, but artistic with their designs, featured on dark colored clothing and produced in very limited numbers, raising the price for exclusivity.

You may not be happy with the vision of Trilly & Truly just yet, but at least you can make sense of Lupe Fiasco’s objectives. This brand may be lacking some cut and sew pieces, color, artistic ability, accessibility and price cooperation, BUT Lupe has his reasons:

First and foremost, Lupe devised this company because he was tired of wearing other people’s brands. Therefore he created a line with his likings in mind, not necessarily you, but I’m sure a lot of people dig it. Secondly, the lack of artistic ability and cut and sew garments are more than likely due to the fact that this line is just starting out and does not have many designers. Lupe stated in the interview he barely has an idea on how manufacturing clothing works, so this can take time, but eventually will show signs of improvement. The lack of coloring, accessibility and affordable pricing is mostly associated with Lupe’s inspirations in Asian street fashion.

Although Trilly & Truly may not be what you fancy, it is the creation of the always imaginative Lupe Fiasco. We will have to trust his artistic vision and hope he will continue to evolve his brand into a line we follow from season to season, camping out on the sidewalk for the next release. Lastly, we have to understand that Trilly & Truly has been and will be under the microscope since day one, not many brands have to grow in the limelight, so give this guy a chance huh?