VerBS & Intuition present – “BUZZ”

And it’s been buzzin in our damn ear for a month now…


A little late but always on time; The Buzz EP from California based rappers Intuition and VerBS dropped earlier last month and it has been in full rotation ever since.  Only 6 tracks deep, its down right blasphemy that music this good is given away for free, when whackisms charge $9.99 for pop-rap.

Intuition & VerBS – Hip No Ties [prod. Alpha MC]

The Buzz EP is a fun, lyrical roller coaster where VerBS and Intiuation trade, spar and exercise their lyrical prowess with both delivery and almost equally outrageous range of skill, creativity and straight NASTINESS!!  The first track “Hip No Ties” starts out with VerBS reintroducing himself fresh off of  Murs’ Paid Dues Tour—“I got evicted, but got a new lease on life…”.  You may reminder VerBS from the tour or his Progress EP that had the internet going nuts.  You may also remember his cut, “Move On” off of the TheOvun’s Love/Hate Tape.

Not to be outshined by his peer, Intuition thoroughly stakes him claim on this EP, with witty lines like, “I got that solstice sun work ethic, show early–leave late…” or lines that make you press rewind and ask, did he just say that!!? –“Fly till I die, like Aali-li-liyah….” [on “See Us”]


VerBS & Intuition

DOWNLOAD:  Intuition & Verbs – Buzz

Track listing:

1.  Hip No Ties (produced by Alpha MC)
2.  Touch the Moon (produced by Fudd Burton)
3.  What You Make It (produced by Aspect 1)
4.  See Us (produced by Equalibrum)
5.  Really (produced by Dibiase)
6.  Live Write (produced by Alpha MC, featuring Dj MurjOne)

Production on this EP is flawless with great contributions from Equalibrum, Alpha MC and Aspect 1  complete the  experience.   Both Intuition and VerBS are bringing that heat for 2009 so we’ll will definitely keep ya’ll posted on more material.  In the meantime, you can download The Buzz EP, HERE or in the sidebar [soon], and if you’d like to back track you grab their earlier work, check  below:

Intuition – Stories About Nothing

VerBS – The Progress EP

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  1. too dope to be just an ep

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