An Introduction to… Darq


THEOVUN:   What is the origin of the name Darq?

DARQ:          Pretty much – the name obviously contradicts me being that I’m Caucasian

THEOVUN:   Just a lil bit-

DARQ:          It started off as a joke – I had a homie when I was younger – he didn’t speak English very well, so we used to make fun of him a lot.  He’d just be like ‘I’m gonna “dark your eye”‘, meaning he was gonna give me a black eye.  Until one day he actually did and it just stuck.  When I started to rap, I just kept the name.  Initially I was gonna  be the ‘Dark Knight’ on some medieval shit *laughs*, but we dropped the K, put the Q on it and kept it moving…

THEOVUN:   *laughs* That’s cool man, good choice.

DARQ:          [and to elaborate]…the whole definition of darkness is the absence of light, and I embrace that as a lifestyle and mind state, because that’s how we’re living. We came up, thats the whole concept, you know-the struggle.

THEOVUN:  That’s real talk.  You’re from the Bronx- what neighborhood you reppin?

DARQ:          I don’t wanna split it up you know , we trying to bring it together…

THEOVUN:     I like that, solidarity. How long have you been rhyming?

DARQ:          I been rapping since I was 11, but I started doing it seriously in 2000.  I was going hard when I found out I was having my daughter.  Then i grinded for the first 5 years in Philly and  in 2005, I got picked up by Too Much Entertainment and then from there we started building a name and getting me groomed as real artist.  [that brings you] to now, we working on developing and building me as an artist.

THEOVUN:  Artist development, I feel you.  Where have people seen you perform or where can they see you?

DARQ:          Oh man, I’ve done just about every showcase in New York:  Bowery, Lehman College, Get Your Buzz Up, Overtime, Indy 500, Ace of Spades, Protégé Magazine Showcase, all of them… and a lot more coming up so check my pages and everything

THEOVUN:   Let’s get into the music. We were able to get our hands on 4 tracks so far and seems like you’re coming at us from 2 particular angles.  Party tracks and some gritty tracks.  For starters, you got the party tracks… “Oh No” and “Move”, tell us about them.

DARQ:          “Oh No” is actually a cute story.  I got it from my daughter when she dropped one  of her toys and she said “Ohh Noo!”.  It’s pretty cool because I went into making that song with her in mind. I made the concept to have that track with no curses. For one, to kinda have that crossover appeal and also because I perform in a lot of parks and communities and I wanted to be able to have a song that little kids could hear and parents could dance to and just have that party vibe.

THEOVUN:   And the track “Move”, now that’s a little more grown!

DARQ:          Yeah, *laughs*, I just wanted to show I had the ability to turn the swag on ya know?  For the ladies – turning the sexy up.

THEOVUN:   Gotcha, now on the flip side, you took it to a very serious side on the track “Fly Away”.  Tell us a little about that? –That was actually our favorite joint we heard.

DARQ:          I’m glad that you mentioned that one, I think  “Fly Away”—featuring Amy Davis by the way– I did to describe where I’m trying to take my music and the lane I’m trying to get into, it’s about addiction, but then I noticed that I could take it to many different levels.  …. [I] started it off about myself, and addiction, but then I wanted to spread it out and make it a little more broad, and that’s what we came up with

THEOVUN:   So on the flipside tell us about the BX Remix and how that came about.

DARQ:          I recorded the original before, and I had went to California to work with this producer and he said, I got a track  for you, so as soon as I heard the beat – I knew I wanted Cuban Link, as a tribute to his brother.  So I never met him before, but in a couple of months, moving around some chess pieces and with the help of AD the General, we were able to make it happen.  So at that point, we both went in the studio, he laid his verse down, and I laid mine down – it was the best experience i have had in my career thus far.

THEOVUN:   SO there was no MP3 trading etc.

DARQ:          Right! We was right there in the studio

Darq, Cuban Link and Young Bugz – BX Anthem [RMX]

THEOVUN:   So what projects do you have coming up

DARQ:          Well I have my street album: Darq – R.A.W. [Risking it All Willingly]  I have about 13-15 songs right now, it will be hosted by DJ Bedtyme and most likely distributed by Coast II Coast, in the meantime you can catch me online on all the sites, blogs, twitter:

THEOVUN:   Sounds really good, who will be on this album coming?

DARQ:          Definitely,Young Bugz, my boy Airis, Gifted [Bang Bang Bang], Fefe from Kansas City, Amy Davis [Risking it All Willingly], World Wonder, Knowledge from Philly, Gun from Philly, Sadge who produced ‘Move’.  At the end of the day, for me, for me want people to take from it, I’m just me, there’s something here and I want people know there potential in everything getting people to latch on and help the Darqness spread.

Darq and Airis – Bronx 2 The Bay
Directed by: 3Afilms