Big Twins – The Project Kid

BIG TWINS front insert

We’ve been listening to this album non-stop. Big Twins’ latest project which dropped in late August is a great body of work. The beats the rhymes – it’s a complete album and you will not be disappointed if you copped it

Big Twins – When I Walk Away ft. Alchemist [prod. Alchemist]

It picks up where Prodigy’s collaborative album, Product of the 80’s, left off.  The beats are cold, the stories are real.  It is just an all around hood record.  No neon, no loafers and no Gucci needed.   The usual suspects are featured on this album with cameos from Blaq Mobb, Un Pacino, Strong Arm Steady and of course, Prodigy.  Production on this album is from the best in game right now, with Sid Roams on the majority of the album and DJ Babu, Jake One, Havoc and Alchemist to delivery the best in beats.

Check the tracklist after the jump:

1. Welcome to… Queensbridge Houses
2. Intro feat. Babu (of Dilated Peoples) (Produced By: Sid Roams)
3. Smart Niggaz feat. Krondon (of Strong Arm Steady) (Produced By: Alchemist)
4. When I Say G feat. Blaq Mobb (Produced By: Jake One)
5. Get ‘Em feat. Dog (of ACD) (Produced By: Sid Roams)
6. Interlude
7. Trip Thru The PJ’s (Produced By: Sid Roams)
8. Bacon & Cheese feat. Prodigy (of Mobb Deep) (Produced By: Sid Roams)
9. Wanna Be Down (Produced By: Alchemist)
10. The Project Kid (Produced By: Havok)
11. How I Feel… feat. Un Pacino & Boogz (of Hard White) (Produced By: Jake One)
12. Just Don’t Give A Fuck (Produced By: Sid Roams)
13. Can’t Call It (Produced By: Sid Roams)
14. Drop ‘Em Off feat. Prodigy (of Mobb Deep) (Produced By: Sid Roams)
15. When I Walk Away feat. Alchemist (Produced By: Alchemist)
16. Number One feat. Prodigy (of Mobb Deep)
17. Thunn Street feat. Chinky


Prodigy x Big Twinz x  Un Pacino = Product of the 80’s

Big Twinz – The Grimey Collection