Black Milk – Synth or Soul [ALBUM, STREAM]

Being the Black Milk aficionados that we are; the question to his latest instrumental EP is very simple indeed….



It’s Soul Fool!!!!

Being a Black Milk fan can be hard at times because, you want everyone to be able to explore their musical boundaries and interests, but let’s not get it twisted; Black Milk is no Flying Lotus. Waaay back in day [2005] we were drawn to Black Milk’s seemingly effortless production style chalk full of drums, guitar licks perfectly looped samples. This instrumental album kind of embodies his work since then – he’s said in his verses and interviews how he likes to changes things up – but if you’re good at something, why stunt it?

Synth whack, Bring Soul Back.


Vinyl out on April 20 (Record Store Day).


Black Milk collaborates with illustrator Upendo “Pen” Taylor (Nike, Leroy Jenkins, Gatorade) for the music-meets-visual instrumental/art series Fuzz, Freqs & Colors (FFC). Synth or Soul is the first volume in the FFC series. The process for each volume starts with Black and Pen trading beats and sketches and refining their works along the way. Throughout that exchange, the music is shaped by the visual art and the visual art is shaped by the music.

FFC is the first project launched by the new creative house Computer Ugly.