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What is TheOvun?

The Ovun is “The Over Underground”.

It is a site that is dedicated and specializes in all things Hip Hop; specifically in the “Underground” Scene.  This can be categorized in many genres but may include: Unsigned Artists, Independent Artists, Alternative Hip Hop Acts, Mixtape DJs, Little known Producers and just overall good music.  This does not mean that we won’t feature major label artists and producers. There are a number of TRUE artists signed to major labels and we will cover them accordingly.

Who is TheOvun?

The Ovun is everyone and anyone who enjoys some good unadulterated, slightly inebriated Hip Hop.  We are a team of loyal listeners and fans who’ve decided to give a voice to artists who we like.

The artists already have a voice and we just want to add a blow horn to them, amplify that bitch so the world [the 3 unique visitors we’ll have]  has a chance to be exposed to new and otherwise unknown music.

In sum, TheOvun is you.  Feel free to send in mp3s, myspace links of your music or someone you’re really feeling to the info given on our Contact Page

Why TheOvun?

That’s good question.

People ask us all the time– “Hey Guy?  Why add ANOTHER rap site to the Webnet? Really Guy?  Do you really want to waste all of that bandwidth…Guy? C’mon Guy, you’re just going to post 50,000 Youtubes and 20,000 Zshare links of the same material that all the other crap sites are going to post.  Right Guy? I mean C’mon Guy. Really?” [Okay they don’t ask quite like that but you get it.]

Our Answer is:  Why The Fuck Not?

The difference is, our site has artistic integrity, original content, and hopefully, our comments section will keep the inside jokes and group think to a minimum.

Hope You Enjoy It and please don’t hesitate to Contact Us with criticisms or hate mail.  We’ll just enjoy reading the fireside correspondence.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. stansbury says:

    dont ever say i didnt come visit your site!…now get outta here and go beat toronto or somethin!..lol….luv ya …stansbury!

  2. stansbury says:

    also on the serious side i’d like to also add that your site is very resourceful , keep up the good work!…didnt mean to put u on blast shouting out yo govt and all, my bad!

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