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Can I Photograph You?

If you haven’t heard of The Sartorialist then you’re probably reading this in a pair of square toed shoes, accompanied by a Windsor knot that would make an NFL player jealous.  On the other hand, for those fortunate socialites that do follow, then you’ve probably notice an increase in your wardrobes versatility, as well as your overall steez.  After enjoying a successful career in fashion sales, founder of the site, Scott Schuman, began capturing and uploading photos of unsuspecting street travelers to a typical blog formatted site.  He has photographed everyone whose everyone from everywhere that’s everywhere.  Construction workers to Karl Lagerfeld, from Los Angeles to Milan.  By his efforts he has pioneered fashion photography and allowed all of us to people watch from the comforts of our own home.  Schuman’s twenty-first century mentality has paved the way for similar fashion photography sites like Swagger 360 and Jak & Jil.  It is no longer required to sit on a park bench to see the trends that currently grace the sidewalks of cities worldwide.  Thus, exposing us to the muse that ignites designer’s runway inspirations; common people on an average day in their random wardrobe selection.

Check out the video which gives a glimpse into the life of The Sartorialist.  It’s extremely inspiring, and not just from a fashion standpoint.  Learning of a man who followed his vision and became a pioneer in a field he had very little qualifications for will certainly push you to follow that dream you suspect will fail.