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A Good Look For Indie Hip Hop…

With all the talk about how the music game is changing, it good to see that there’s actually some good comig out of it.  Turns out Fresh Daily, an ill “up and coming” [i hate that phrase] MC has signed a deal with Brooklyn Bodega Management–for those of ya’ll living under a rock or in Idaho, they’re the one’s who put together Brooklyn’s Annual Hip Hop Festival.

“This is a new type of deal for a new era in business. We are working with Fresh Daily, the brand, not just Fresh Daily the artist. Artists can no longer base their income on the sale of recorded music. Same with Verizon or Apple, today’s artist has to diversify and expand their revenue streams. Recorded music, touring, publishing, merchandising, licensing – these are the ways today’s artist will survive. Record deals are no longer the end game. They are an interchangeable part of a larger plan. Fresh Daily gets it and we are about to change the rules to ‘this thing of ours’.”—8/25/08, Brooklyn Bodega

Under any other circumstances, true heads may be feeling some kind of way about that verbiage.  “Branding”, “Licensing” and “Merchandising” shouldn’t  be in the same paragraph as Brooklyn or Hip Hop.  Personally, I must admit I didn’t like this notion at first for various reasons.  But as I started to think about it–this IS a Good look for Indie Hip Hop.

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