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There must be something in the water in Topeka

Real talk, there’s so much talent rocking that city right now–shout outs to Stik Figa, Mike Schiptz and now, AduLLessence—

Artwork by Dakota Blue


You know you hear a good artist when they can flip a beat you’ve heard before and make it sound BRAND NEW!! And not just switch up the words-and re-work the hook, but literally create a new song and mood on the beat. On AduLLessence’, latest mixtape entitled Life in Surround Sound: Takeout Food, Pigeons and Trife — he does just that. Although he’s repping Topeka, this tape comes off VERY East Coast, very asphalt sidewalks, but dont get me wrong, in each song, there is some midwest soul can be found, which I think adds to the overall, feel of the tape.

Lyrically, AduLLessence is a beast, and he flows comfortably on any kind of beat. He shines the most on those soul sample, thumping, horns blaring tracks which allow him to spar with music:

AduLLessence – Stop Frontin featuring LoveJones aka Mike Schpitz

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