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Skillz – For Real (He Don’t Own Me)

Skillz – For Real (He Don’t Own Me) [prod. Bink]
Directed by: that dude Rik Cordero
Mandatory chick joint off of The Million Dollar Backpack

Download:   Skillz – For Real (He Don’t Own Me) [prod. Bink]
When it comes to Skillz, first thing that comes to mind is his infamous, yearly Rap Ups, [started in 2002] most of my heads refer to him as; “that dude who does the whole year in a song”.  For the rest of us he’s Skillz/Madd Skillz.  I got put on to round 98ish when Rawkus was goin hardbody… I think it was B-Boy Document….then he had the track about ghostwriting, which kind of annoyed me in way.  And to me it seemed like he could never get the whole album situation together [his first official album under the moniker Mad Skillz is running $20-$50 on amazon].

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