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In The Right Light…


You may be asking yourself, “what the funk? It’s just a black tee, who cares?”  But it’s not JUST a black tee and many people in Japan care, so hold that!  But for reals, Japanese brand Blackout has introduced some new and interesting threads, keeping the colors simple, but with added details.  Each piece features unseen touches of 3M print which are only obvious under the influence of light.  The tee shirt forms a polka dot pattern, while a cross hatch pattern can be seen on the inside of the denim, visible if you cuff your jeans.  This post however only helps our people over in Japan, because this brand has not hit the states yet, but the use of material like 3M on clothing is always interesting to see, or not see.

*Editors Note:  The designs show up best in ya moms bedroom light….