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I’m on a Boat, in these streets.


Fashion is all about trends.  What’s hot now, what’s going to be the cool thing next season and who’s going to bootleg it like some mark ass tricks.  However footwear, at least for guys, doesn’t revolve too much around trends.  Occasionally guys pick up a new brand or style of shoe for their closet, but if you’re anything like me, your footwear is usually consistent.

Ninety-Nine percent of the time I step out of the house I’m rocking sneakers and most of the guys I know are the same way.  Why is this the case?  Well they’re comfortable, light and easy to maneuver in because never know when you have to dip on someone.  With all that said, I’ve discovered the latest footwear trend for men and I’m jumping on the boat (wordplay is bananas).  You may be asking yourself, “what can be so hot in the streets right now?” and let me tell you, boat shoes son. All day!

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