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Hand Gunz High – By Any Means Mixtape [DOWNLOAD]




Sometimes I get tired of the dope game rap.  Not necessarily the soundtrack I need on my way to work.  Jeezy has planted in my mind a seed that thinks I should quit my day job and become a drug kingpin to pay my student loans.  It grows each day.  Honestly though, I much rather listen to the few artists who focus on their lyrical content and paint a picture that can only be described as art.  Introduce rap’s supreme team, Hand Gunz High, whose mantra is, “Lyrics Matter.”  A trio comprised of Kane, Kwam Izzle and Intell Hazefield, all currently residing in Albany  (upstate) New York.  Albany, like most cities around the country, is plagued by above average unemployment rates, poverty ridden neighborhoods and a school system that would make you want to home school your kid.  The struggle of hard times is felt by a large, always expanding population and these three young men are no different.  To Hip Hop however, they differentiate themselves by not allowing their troubled past define their music.

Hand Gunz High – Start it Up ft. Kass Crook


HGH’s debut mixtape, By Any Means, analyzes a number of themes from the comparison of politicians to strippers (dope shit here), drug addiction, gold digging groupies, to topics only stoners who enjoy the Discovery Channel will grasp.  HGH is a rapping robot machine, formed by three intelligent young black men, who have their hearts in the street, mind in the books and ears to pop culture.  Don’t listen to this tape, really hear the lyrics and get back at us expressing your thoughts.  I’m excited to see the growth that is to come on their next project and hopefully it will consist of more production from super producer, and HGH member, Intell Hazefield.  We’ll be anxiously waiting, because we need it, By Any Means.

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