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“Queensed out, Got to put the Carhartt jeans on I’m fiend out”


New York is known for our rough and rugged style of dress.  It has been that way from years with Timberlands, flannels and bubbles gooses.  Even today with the emergence of skinny jeans and scarves (no offense to anyone reading) a New Yorker still has to remain true to their roots as we are left with no choice.  The weather in New York is straight ass.

This past weekend, I was at a bar chillin, we left to proceed to a club a few minutes away, but I just went home it was so damn cold outside.  Seriously, the cold will prevent you from doing shit.  As a result, New Yorkers need clothing that is warm and durable and like Timberland, Carhartt has been a staple for the New York fashion scene for years.  Mostly known for their coats, Carhartt is now introducing the world to their accessory game.  They keep it real clean as well as classy and I’m sure the quality is amazing, especially for the traveling New Yorker. The wallets, hats and phone cases will be popular among everyone, especially the old heads and hopefully we will see a decline in North Face bookbags.  Peep all styles here. and after the jump— Continue reading