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DOOM – BORN LIKE THIS….(Born like what?)


I don’t know why he aint MetalFace no more– but as with every musical savant a name change is bound to happen, especially a dude with over 8 alter egos already. The question is, is the new “DOOM” different from “MF DOOM” and who’s better?

DOOM is a lot like MF in many respects.  DOOM like MF has a lot to say and the free association flow is alive and kicking–however DOOM’s flow is a little more cohesive– on tracks like “Batty Boyz”, “Rap Ambush”, “Absolutely” and “Cellz”.  For the first time in a long time DOOM manages to not stray to far away and remains relatively on topic

DOOM – Gazzilion Ear [prod. J Dilla]

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