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Mos Def’s The Ecstatic Album cover…Fake?

I swear ya’ll–it ain’t easy being a kid genius….BOOM SHOTS!! More FIYAH!


So Black Dante’s The Ecstatic is dropping June 9th [we told ya’ll that February date was wackness], the same day he dropped Black On Both Sides, waay back in 1999.  The cover is plain to say the least– a striking image it is–but something kept telling us that we’ve seen it before.  And not in a, “i saw this in an article for the FADER” kind of way.

Ladies and gentle man, this image is from the 1977 film Killer of Sheep directed by Charles Burnett.  [BLUCKA BLOW!]  The graphic designer slept on this job cause all they did was use a red filter over the image–lazy bastards.  But for those who want to know.  The film is basically about living life in the Watts section of LA; trials and tribulations; day in the life of black man kinda of movie, [I’m thinking Baldwin’s Native Son-esque].  Anyway, IF this is the real cover, it should be interesting if there is any correlation between the movie and the album….HMMMMM….  Here’s some more info on the flick.


In a way, we’d like to think TheOvun is a “Killer of Sheep” as well….  And for all of ya’ll who may have missed it, check out Mos Def’s REMIX to BROOKLN (GO HARD) ft. Santogold.  Way to show up Jay-Z’s whack imitation of patois…..

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