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Carhartts vs. Peacoats: The CMJ Edition [Part I, Peacoats]

If there was ever a time where Hip Hop on a national scale, was diverse, it’d be right now. Last year, the Kanye/ 50 Cent tiff was a prime example of this. You have both artists’ whose music are both witty, insightful, intelligent in their own right, but two very different and distinct styles.

With that being said, this past Tuesday [10.21.08] was the New York City CMJ Music Marathon kick-off night, and there were a ton of events and concerts to go to. More than in years previous, I’m going to take a guess and say this year has had the most Hip Hop events. The two which I attended were, The Brooklyn Bodega Open @ Drom, and The Mixtape Masters Marathon @ Public Assembly.

The first event, The Brooklyn Bodega Open, got off to a great start, DJ Parler mixed a very mellow blend of classic Native Tongues and new cats like Black Milk.  The night kicked off with a performance by the group, Housing Authority, I had never heard of them before, but trust, I will cover them more in depth soon.  The Beats were crazy; although the mics were a little messed up they got my attention.  They have an album FOR FREE DOWNLOAD, check it out the WHOLE THING.  [I never claimed to be a photographer…if you are a professional one, hit us up! lol]

Next up was a cat by the name of Outasight who, I’ve heard on these internet streets but have never seen perform.  I was surprised because his music is very laid back and I was expecting a performance to match, but dude had high energy.  He has a video for his track “Good Evening” debuting on MTV U on Nov. 3rd, in the meantime he has a link to download his entire album, Radio New York.  If anything, check out Lights Camera Action [No Mr. Cheeks].

So next up was Che Grand, whom I had seen perform–kind of– at SOBs earlier this year, he had some sound problems then and rumor has it, he was supposed to perform with a live band a la Wale or Blitz on Tuesday. Just the same, he gave a solid performance, and the crowd really seemed to warm up to him. Mic issues were fixed by then and sounded great on the system. He’s got an album, Everything’s Good Ugly coming out shortly–hopefully–so we’ll be looking out for that.

After his performance I was only able to catch half of  Homeboy Sandman‘s performance, couldn’t find any vids of it, but  if you have been lucky enough to catch one of his many performances in the NYC area, you know Homeboy Sandman is a BEAST!!!

So I missed,  Tanya Morgan, Fresh Daily and Platinum Pied Pipers, but its cool I’ve seen them all do their thing, and i know they represented royally.  Besides, I was on my way across that water into Williamsburg, for the The Mixtape Masters Marathon @ Public Assembly.

Carhartts vs. Peacoats: The CMJ Edition [Part II, Carhartts]