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DUB MD x Cyrano, aka Cy Yung – Madicinal Libations

me·dic·i·nal: A preparation or product having the properties of a medicine.
li·ba·tion: The pouring of a liquid offering as a religious ritual.
(word on the internet skreets is that Stones Throw and them are ‘upset’ and ‘distressed’ over this release, which explains why we had a hard time downloading the original link.  If they swoop down on us, check the Russian Alternative link–enjoy]

The one thing that I respect about the homie Dub MD is that his mixtape titles are so undoubtedly English–he keeps my syllable game up..  Dub MD’s latest installment is from North Carolina’s own Cyrano [Cy Yung] is entitled “Madicinal Libations”:

Track list and Spotlights after the JUMP—

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