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A Valentine’s Day Treat

cymarshall law mr joeker

Cymarshall Law and Mr.JoeKer feat. Mary Lou – Luvestory

Happy Valentine’s day to all, it seems like it going to be a good one regardless of the recession. Big Ups to everyone who downloaded the Love/Hate tape, I know that’s your soundtrack for the day–its just so ill right? ANYWAY…here’s a track I reckon shoulda, been on the tape, [we’ll save for Part II maybe?] it’s by the homie Cymarshall Law [no Tekken] reppin all over the world from New Brunswick to Hungary , UK, and New Jersey. It’s produced by Mr. Joeker.

Cymarshall Law and Joeker have the album, Hip Hop In The Soul, AND 2 mix tapes out circulating right now and those reviews are coming up so check back here—TheOvun, bringing you unadulterated, never overrated, pure Hip Hop shit! Enjoy the day!