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An Introduction to… Darq


THEOVUN:   What is the origin of the name Darq?

DARQ:          Pretty much – the name obviously contradicts me being that I’m Caucasian

THEOVUN:   Just a lil bit-

DARQ:          It started off as a joke – I had a homie when I was younger – he didn’t speak English very well, so we used to make fun of him a lot.  He’d just be like ‘I’m gonna “dark your eye”‘, meaning he was gonna give me a black eye.  Until one day he actually did and it just stuck.  When I started to rap, I just kept the name.  Initially I was gonna  be the ‘Dark Knight’ on some medieval shit *laughs*, but we dropped the K, put the Q on it and kept it moving…

THEOVUN:   *laughs* That’s cool man, good choice.

DARQ:          [and to elaborate]…the whole definition of darkness is the absence of light, and I embrace that as a lifestyle and mind state, because that’s how we’re living. We came up, thats the whole concept, you know-the struggle.

THEOVUN:  That’s real talk.  You’re from the Bronx- what neighborhood you reppin?

DARQ:          I don’t wanna split it up you know , we trying to bring it together…

THEOVUN:     I like that, solidarity. How long have you been rhyming?

DARQ:          I been rapping since I was 11, but I started doing it seriously in 2000.  I was going hard when I found out I was having my daughter.  Then i grinded for the first 5 years in Philly and  in 2005, I got picked up by Too Much Entertainment and then from there we started building a name and getting me groomed as real artist.  [that brings you] to now, we working on developing and building me as an artist.

THEOVUN:  Artist development, I feel you.  Where have people seen you perform or where can they see you?

DARQ:          Oh man, I’ve done just about every showcase in New York:  Bowery, Lehman College, Get Your Buzz Up, Overtime, Indy 500, Ace of Spades, Protégé Magazine Showcase, all of them… and a lot more coming up so check my pages and everything

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