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NEW!! dead prez: Pulse of the People

Just when I thought we may have lost them to SWAG…deadprez is about to come out with a new album dropping June 23rd…..


TheOvun.com got a chance to roll through to the listening, for deadprez’ latest album, Pulse of the People [Turn of the Radio Vol. 3] produced entirely by DJ Green Lantern .  For all of you deadprez fans, THEY ARE BACK!! Do you hear us?? This album is a banger.  Without letting out too much info, check the track listing, and some quick notes on the tracks.  Check back here for the official review– and maybe something extra:

  1. WRBG
  2. Runnin Wild
  3. Don’t Hate My Grind featuring Bun B — BANGER, perfect track
  4. Warpath featuring Ratfink
  5. Gangsta, Gangster featuring Styles P and Mavado–You will not be disappointed with these ats on here.
  6. Afrika Hot! — ****This track right here is CRAZY, I won’t give too much info out, but they took it to another level.
  7. NYPD featuring Johnny Polygon — the cat featured on this record also has his own joint out, pretty cool.
  8. Summer Time — mandatory chick joint, still dope
  9. Refuse to Lose featuring Chuck D and Avery Storm — an odd combination, but it made for a great song
  10. Life Goes On
  11. Helpful
  12. Pulse
  13. Stimulus Plan — this track is very dope as well
  14. My Dirty Valentine — the only track on the album not produced by Green Lantern, Produced by J.D. more info on him later