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“My Mixtape Make Your Whole Album Sound Bad”–Señor Kaos

Raise your hand if you thought Atlanta’s Underground Scene was full of Wanna be Jeezys, Trap Stars with different slogans written on their XXXXL tees AND spandex wearing, top hat sporting spoken word artists who liken themselves to robots or aliens [there can only be one Outkast people]??? Yeah me too. Granted the fact that Atlanta seems like one huge college city, I figured that at most; Hip Hop lived in Atlanta for 9 months out of the year, and then all the Hip Hop purists would return to their home cities of NYC, Philly, LA and others.  I’ve never been happier to say that I was wrong.  In steps in, Señor Kaos aka Kid Kaos.

Señor Kaos – Get More Money [prod. by: DJ Houseshoes]

His latest mixtape Swagger Is Nothing Talent Is Everything [hosted by DJ Mars, and mixed by DJ Grandman] is a collection bangin ass tracks from start to finish. This 27 track tape showcases a cornucopia of amazing producers like SL One, DJ Houseshoes, Illastrate, Dj Unknown and Dj Rasta Root. Kaos is witty, and insightful, and his rhymes don’t go over anyone’s head.  He keeps it simple yet complex, which keeps the mixtape fresh and with little filler or joints to skip.

Señor Kaos – Soliloquy of Kaos [prod. by DJ Premiere]
That’s a play on “Soliloquy of Chaos” off the old Gang Starr joint for those who don’t know–their music was and is still ahead of their time.

Kaos holds his own for most of the tape, but is joined with features from Grand Agent [where he been at!?], Amdex, Giant Panda, Collective Efforts, and the late Jax [RIP].  Not only is Kaos a true emcee, but he has also has his own promotions company.  He understands the art of promotion and marketing–but  what I’m loving about Kaos and his  music is the fact that  there’s no gimmicks and no calculating strategy for him.  He has no stylist. And there’s no sense of entitlement for props with his style.  He’s just a dude who got skills, and if you recognize, cool–if not, keep it moving, your loss.

Video and Audio for “Girls Rock Too” After the Jump==>

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