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Wordspit The Illest

Wordspit – Not A Joke

So first things, first. Yes, Wordspit got a doobie wrap. If it bothers you that much, peep this vid here, come back and get your shit together. Now that you realize how dope this dude really is, you can then fully enjoy, “Not A Joke” which has only been posted on Youtube 5 days ago with over 2,000 views already. Track produced by DJ PhD.

Wordspit hails from East New York, Brooklyn and seems to know he importance of image in the game. Nowadays, skills can only get you but so far the rest is up to image, personality and a little bit of chance. This dude seems to have it in the bag; I remembered him from a XXL feature this past summer, I thought the song was dope; vocally, he reminded me of Big L., but he stuck in my mind because of the doobie. Seems like they know what they doing. I will definitely keep you posted on this cat, word on these internet skreets is that he’s working on a mixtape The Coolest BBoi Stance, in the meantime, let the track live with you a little bit.
Download: Wordspit – Not A Joke