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DJ Exile Making Magic

“Muthafucka-muthafucka, fucka fuck…” lol

We usually don’t post random ass vids like 200 different freestyles [unless they really crazy] or video “trailers” or teasers. But I couldn’t resist with this joint. Exile is crazy on the MPC. I seen him make beats @ a show just killin it. This is Exile doin what he does best, with an old Hieroglyphics joint, I can’t think of what it is; but it may be one of them joints from Full Circle and A Milli.

Exile got an album coming out! Word? Yup– Radio is dropping in January, so you’ll definitely be able to check out more of shit; in the meantime, check out his latest single “Stay Tuned”.

Exile – Stay Tuned ft. Muhsinah [same chick from Common’s UMC]–SNIPPET

Above all I respect Exile as an artist, so I noticed there’s some internet bogarting on this track, so this is just a 30 second snippet, if u like what u hear you cop it on iTunes here .

I like the way it’s raw and broken, and the next sound challenges you to guess what it’s goin to be…It’s like jazz I tells ya!