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The Great Gatsby–NYC


Book reports are straight wack. I was never a huge fan of English class in school (except for my 10th grade English, mmmm Mrs. Carroll)** and the worst assignment was completing a book report on some out of date, wack ass, weird dialogue having book. But I remember reading The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald in high school and becoming interested with the aristocratic ballers and their web of problems. Essentially the book is about the change of the American dream, from pursuit of happiness to straight up dollar dollar bills.

However, the plot itself contains a young man, making it in the big city of dreams and that is exactly what the New York based brand Gatsby is trying to do. Gaining influence from the classic American novel, Gatsby’s threads contain themes of greed, happiness, envy and the almighty dollar.  Their latest spring collection explores all of those themes as it relates to what’s going on today—Socio-Economic Clusterfuck, illest quotable.

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