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…Down with the group called Diggin’ In The Crates!

DITC The movement
Greetings youngstas, could you ever imagine when there was a time when Fat Joe’s prop level was on high?  When he actually made real songs, and Miami wasn’t even in his vocabulary?  Yeah, believe it or not, he did and he was down with the Legendary D.I.T.C. [Diggin’ In The Crates] crew:  a number of DJs, Producers and MCs are affiliated with the crew, but the core has always been, Lord Finesse, Diamond D, Showbiz and AG, OC, Big L [RIP], and Buckwild [who produced the best slow jam ever in life].

It’s nice to see them still doing their thing; I first got put on to them formally, back in 98′ when I first heard, the DJ Premiere produced, “Thick“, after that it was all over.  Since then they’ve released a number of albums but none of them captured their debut.  Their most recent release, The Movement, comes in at a close second in my favorites of their catalog, and by general Hip Hop standards it’s a masterpiece.

D.I.T.C. – Energy ft. O.C. and AG [prod. Showbiz]

With a few new faces, The Movement, sounds like good ole DITC material without sounding dated.   They have the perfect formula that works, bangin’ beats and dope rhymes.  And the one thing that remains consistent is dig quality of the beats.  Nowadays, any idiot can make a sped up chipmunk soul beat from the 70’s or 60’s; it take a real beatsmith to sample new fresh unfamiliar sounds and make you love them.  Furthermore, it takes a real beatsmith to take a song that you know and interpret it in a completely different way.  Show, Lord Finesse, Buckwild, E Blaze and Amed  bless the album along with a  new affiliate Drawzilla who has 3 tracks on the album. Continue reading