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Blu drops a New Mixtape

Just when we were about to drop you with a Blu update/ megapost of singles—he goes and drops his own mixtape on Valentines Day!–


Download:  Blu – herfavoritecolo(u)r [Mixtape/Album]

What Can I say?  Blu definitely gets his Madlib game together on this tape which is produced entirely by him.   Lyrically, Blu is there and better than ever.  Production wise, I have to give it to him, the dude has got skills.  What makes it even more amazing is that as much talent as Blu has, he is literally pretension free and he remains humble [XXL cover and all–unlike some others *cough*].  You gotta respect that.

Blu – Since [prod. Godlee Barnes [Blu]]

Herfavoritecolo(u)r in itself is pretty intriguing, what it’s about I cannot say for certain, but it is an interesting trek through jazz standards.   All unanswered questions, may be deciphered from his myspace post releasing the tape, with all its pimpism glory lol:



***Never thought a rapper would ever use that argument from Closer…….lol