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Stik Figa and Greg Enemy– The Babylon EP


Just when you thought the skinny movement was over Topeka, Kansas MC. Stik Figa, goes and drops us with some more heat! If It Ain’t Easy Bein Skinny was an introduction, The Babylon EP is more of a confirmation. This dude can attack any kind of beat you throw at him. The Babylon EP was produced entirely by Kansas City MC/Producer Greg Enemy whose single “Fly Ass Glasses” was remixed as a bonus cut on the EP. Greg Enemy also has a tape out you can cop it here.

The Babylon EP showcases more of Stik Figa’s witty lyricism and among everything remain true to his craft with out necessarily personalizing each song.  Ironically, the beats on this joint could be categorized as neon pink, hipster material. The refreshing part is, is that the content is anything but.

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