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DJ Revolution: King of the Decks Drops Today!!

Not too long ago, I was at a Hip and/or Hop concert and between sets, there was a DJ doing his thing.  I can’t recall this dudes name for the life of me but he was getting it in.  Scratching, cutting it up, he was on point.   girl who was standing in front of me whispered to her friends: “I love rap, but I hate it when the DJ messes up the song like that”


Any true head can appreciate the art of the DJ and Turntablism which is one of the seven elements if you really live this.  DJ Revolution’s “King of the Decks” showcases this element at its finest.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Revolution, he’s most known for being a part of the infamous “Wake Up Show”.

Um So Why Cop it? 3 Reasons:

1.  Spit Ridiculous ft. Defari
Nuff Said.

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