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Wait A Minute!! Heavy D is back?

Heavy D – Long Distance Girlfriend
LOL, Heavy D ain’t really “heavy” no more, he should be Stocky D from now on…

Download: Heavy D – Long Distance Girlfriend

Yo, how did i miss that Heavy D is back?? Or better yet, how I miss it was a Reggae album? For Ya’ll who dont know, Heavy D is Jamaican from MoBay, but grew up in NY; Although I never really heard it in his flow with his own singles.  But then again, I don’t know his albums like that. That was back in the day when I used to save up all my change to cop singles…Don’t know why my parents never copped his albums, he was actually the kind of rapper children should be listening to, instead we were  listening to the Mo Thugs Album…[ha memories].

But I do remember him doing mad songs with dancehall artists, so I guess he figured better later than never to ante up on his dancehall/reggae ting.  “Long Distance Girlfriend” is off of Vibes available here and on iTunes. The track is decent, but he aint no Beres Hammond I can tell you that much, Kardinal…it’s your turn man!