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Willie Evans Jr. “The Fool Pt. I” (MPC Video + MP3]- Brilliant!

Shout out to @SucioSmash

Today, check Willie Evans Jr. showcasing his various talents by chopping a classic Stevie Wonder video using his MPC, while creating his own vocal version using the remix instrumental. Willie is the first artist to employ a MPC to chop a music video and make beats with it, and his vocal version is a stand alone great track.

Willie Evans Jr. “The Fool Pt. I” (MPC Video)

This dude is talented for sure now check him spit on the track he produced, it’s bloody brilliant!:

Willie Evans Jr. “The Fool Pt. II”:
Willie Evans Jr. The Fool Pt II by HighWaterMusic

Make sure to look out for upcoming information in regards to Willie Evans Jr.’s full length album “Introducing‘” coming this Summer via High Water Music!

Get @ Em: