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Illa J – Yancey Boys

So Album Release Toozday was put on hold due to historic ass events.  I don’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing to release an album yesterday???

Anyways, kickin off albums released Nov. 4, 2008, we got , The Yancey Boys Album released by the Legendary J Dilla‘s little brother Illa J.  The album is produced entirely by the late J. Dilla from beats created during his time at Delicious Vinyl, in the 95′-99′ era [think Pharcyde cuts Drop or Runnin–CLASSICS].  Contrary to earlier reviews and articles on Illa J’s debut, this album is not about stepping out of his legendary brother’s shadow, but it’s about shining light on one of the greatest producers of our time.  The album is titled  Yancey Boys by Illa J; not ‘Illa J ‘ by Illa J and that’s the point that we’re missing.  But regardless of all of that–how does it sound?

Illa J  – Timeless [produced by J Dilla]

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