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Skyzoo – Atypical [prod. Illmind] – The Great Debater Mixtape, June 7

Call us Skyzoo stans, call us “yes men” –  but you’d have a hard time arguing that pretty much every track Skyzoo makes is doper than most. Of course he drops snoozers from time to time, but nothing is ever completely and utterly whack.

Skyzoo – Atypical [prod. !llmind]

The Great Debater Mixtape is dropping on June 7, and based on previous releases and leaks – you can pretty much grasp the premise is on Skyzoo’s lyrical strengths and his ability to get his point across [much like a debate – gold star!]. Not sure what it will have in store for us but based on the leaks, however, this will definitely get some heavy rotation Summer 11′ and beyond – can’t wait!

BACK-TRACK (Weeks 1-4):
Week 1: The “Great Debater Mixtape” Trailer [Directed by Kenneth Price]

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