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J. Trigga – King of Queens

Artist: J. Trigga [Trials.Result.In.Getting.Goals.Accomplished]
Location: Queens, NY [Rosedale]
Styles: Streets, The Trap, In The Club, Ladies
Albums/Mixtapes On Deck: King of Queens Hosted by DJ Superstar Jay [released Sept. 2008]

So TheOvun got a chance to sit down with 21 year old, up and coming artist J. Trigga to catch up on his latest projects. At first glance, you see the chains shining, the gun metaphoric name and be quick to place him on the growing pile of mixtape rappers. But my friends, you’d be wrong. With the release of his second mixtape [his first Trigganometry was self released] King Of Queens, J. Trigga provides something original and refreshing on the mixtape scene.

J. Trigga – Back In The Day

J. Trigga is an enterprising artist who chooses not to chase trends; but rather create them. Rather than hop on an already popular track and remix it-King of Queens contains all original music. Along with strengthening his own production skills, he keeps busy writing for himself and other artists. In this saturated landscape of new artists, he’s managed to stand out with his ability to not only tell vivid stories [Back In The Day, Play Around, Bloodshed], but also create radio friendly hooks and punchlines to appeal to the masses [So Fly, I Know you Want Me, Stack Papa]. These strengths have caught the eye of music industry’s elite like Andre Harrell and A&Rs from the big four.

J. Trigga – I’m King

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