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Umm okay? – Jay Electronica in Nepal Dimethyltryptamine [VIDEO]

Not complaining, we are big JayElec Fans over here, BUT!!
Are the we the only ones who wanna see what Nepali rappers have to offer instead of American rappers rapping in Nepal? #justsayin

So many unanswered questions, that we really don’t have have the time nor energy to search for**.

Why was this video released now? JayElec fans have had this song for at least 4 years?

I mean this could’ve been a bonus when the album *drops* [8 yrs from now lol].
I mean, did he feel some type of way about the video out of him recently was in his baby moms vid? LOL iight we gonna stop.


Filmed in Kathmandu in fall 2009 by Decon.
Directed by Jason Goldwatch –
Brilliant director responsible for one of the best videos ever.
Director of Photography Rob Gilbert
Produced by Isaiah Seret
Style by Joseph I
Roll Audio by Dantana
Executive Produced by Peter Bittenbender