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New Music from John Forté

John Fort̩РLife Has Just Begun
Directed by: The ICU
This was a remarkable video. But it’s probably impossible to capture moments like those….

When John Forte was arrested in 2000, I was 15 and was still trying to figure out exactly what someone would do with liquid cocaine. To this day, I still don’t. Do you freeze it and make cocaine pops? You mix it with your coffee in the morning? For real, if you know please email us and we will send you $5.00.

For ya’ll who ain’t know, in an interesting twist of circumstances, John Forte ended being in the group of 16 men who were pardoned by President Bush of all mofos. Carly Simon and her son [who went to a prestigious ass prep school with Forte], were extremely vocal against his judgment. But enough old stuff. John Forte is back with some new material. His last album, I, John was schizophrenic with a hold bunch of different sounds. It reflected a man who was about to to prison. Now that he’s out i wonder if he will keep this album in a calm state of peace? Time Will Tell.