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An Introduction to Greenspan….

No… the world hasn’t come to an end yet. Wrinkled ass Jewish economist [Bilderberg Group ass]Alan Greenspan–nor his kin- has started a career in rap.  It just happens to be a fresh MC bringing some Baltimore flavor to the game.


Greenspan – 2nite’s The Nite – [(Produced By: Erick Sermon) From Redman’s Whut? Thee Album]

In recent years, the DMV [DC/Maryland/Virginia] hip hop scene has been getting a lot of love thanks to the web nets.  Baltimore, a major city in the area, has been somewhat quiet on the Hip Hop radar except for a few MCs notably, Labtekwon, who has been holding it down for sometime now.

In recent years, with the help of The Wire Baltimore area hip hop has been getting notoriety.  Artists who showcase all of the elements of the city’s flavor from the gangstas to the club scene dancers have been doing their thing.

With that being said, I’d like to introduce you to, Greenspan.  An MC out of Baltimore who has been able to showcase a nice blend of what the city has to offer.  With the help of DC producer Judah,he’s able to pull together a nice showing in his 2nd mixtape/album entitled When The Sky Turns Green. [Download here or sidebar]

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