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Housing Authority– Herb N’ Development

A little while ago in October, I was able to see Housing Authority perform at a showcase during CMJ week.  It’s kind of funny when you go to a Hip Hop show and you can tell the difference between real ‘heads and regular people.  You can always spot regular folk because if they see an act they never heard of, they just stand there like the slow kids in class.  Personally, if the beats are banging and the lyrics is ill that’s all you need– no Bill Cosby sweaters or special edition kicks necessary.  Case in point:  I seen these cats perform and I was like, I need bump their shit. So I started off with their 06’ Album, Project Building and was waiting for some new material….

Housing Authority – Siiight!!! ft. K. Ville

Their latest “grindtape”, Herb N’ Development, just dropped on 11/28 and it’s dope.  The tape listens more like an album and it features original production from group member and rapper Mic Duela, as well as some familiar and not so familiar instrumentals from the likes of Black Milk, Jake One and Salaam Remi.  Lyrically, both Faceoff and Mic Duela go heavy on the tracks.  Both are witty, insightful, and introspective as well.  There are many different ways to beast on a track and with these cats, they prefer strategically, like a surgeon with a scalpel.

They’re quick with the wordplay.  It won’t go over your head but you might have to do a double take though.  On The Truth, Duela spits something like,  “Forever grime, never kind like rewind please, mos def,  get jacked black, left behind peace”.  That’s a lot allusions in one damn line son! On EZ As That, Faceoff delivers an equally crazy rhyme, “This is my life water, so be it for hood’s sake. No vitamins, i’ll invite em in, take 50 of many men with any pen…”.  Housing is not alone on this tape, they’re joined a couple of times by the designated hook sang-ah K. Ville, and the interesting lyricism of Long Island Ice B [that dude hilarious ie: Fuck U Girl–Trust, it’s what you think lol]

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