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Controversy? Political Turmoil? Unsigned?

They say ALL press is good press.  But there’s always exceptions to the rule. Did Harlem’s own Jewish Rapper E-Shy shoot himself in the foot verbally??

E-Shy is known for goin hard on tracks.  He’s a great rapper with clever flows and witty lyrics.  Most notably he tackles uncomfortable issues like Jews and being Jewish [ha], being white and Hip Hop in general.  He never sugar coats his thoughts which is one of the reasons that DJ Kay Slay is a major cosigner on his behalf.  But I wonder what will come of the “Obama Diss” track above?

I’m going to assume the majority of the Hip Hop community [besides Daddy Yankee] would more thank likely be pro Obama.  So wouldn’t it be in an artist’s best interest to try and keep 98% of their fans? **People on his Myspace page seemed to have liked the Obama Diss.   It kinda sucks considering I liked this dude, his latest track is hilarious.  Not to say I don’t like him now…I’m just saying.

E-Shy “Paper Bag”

I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s okay. WWSD? [What Would Slay Do?]