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The Sweatshop Union – Water Street

Coming straight out of Vancouver Canada, I first heard about Sweatshop Union, through the group Swollen Members. As any underground head would know, the best way to find new artists is check the label mates, so Sweatshop Union happens to be signed to Battle Axe records, home and founded by Swollen Members…moving right along…I got put on way back in 04′ on their Natural Progression album and been checkin for them ever since.

The Sweatshop Union – Gutter ball

Water Street is 23 tracks of chill relaxed, insightful music. If you looking to chill out and listen to some insightful shit, this is the album for you. They’re politically aware and speak on the everything from the global economy to social anomie. Sweatshop Union is: Kyprios, Dirty Circus [Mos Eisley, Metty The Dert Merchant and DJ Itchy Ron] and Pigeon Hole[ Mr. Marmalade and Dusty Melodica] and between the 6 of them the production is ill.The sound draws from a little bit of everything, although¬† it’s Canadian it has that California layback sound. ¬† Water Street is their 5th album.

The Sweatshop Union – Oh My

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