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Who is John Robinson??

And why would MF DOOM produce his whole album?

That’s actually and easy question. Lil’ Sci is John Robinson – and John Robinson is he. It took me awhile to understand that because I’m slow. I know Lil’ Sci from the group Scienz of Life [<–Very dope,Ima Learnya!], and also from his various appearances on crazy tracks over the years, like the joint on Lyricist Lounge Vol. 1. Lil Sci is one of those dudes who always ends up popping up on a joint I like. In recent years he’s been doing triple duty not only as Lil Sci, but John Robinson the artist, as well as John Robinson theĀ  President of Shaman Works. To bring you up to speed on that label, the roster consists of ILLities like Blackberry Jones, DJ K.O. and K Banger. In my mind, they get best label award in 05′ for releasing Emanon’s official official joint– The Waiting Room. But enough about his artists? What about his new album!!?

John Robinson – Outside Perspective [prod. MF DOOM]
This track has been floating around for years. It’s actually one of my favorite DOOM beats ever, period. Can’t get enough of it? Check our the Ghostface Remix blendĀ  from homie DJ DUB on Heavy Metal Vol. 3

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