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Kicks > Roses

Valentine’s Day is yet another day where women ask men to revoke our caveman intuitions, get all sensitive and demand our money be spent taking them out and buying gifts.  This year, I will unite my manly brothers and rebel against our lovers to declare this Valentine’s Day a Man’s Valentine’s Day, full of sandwiches and kung-fu movies.  But since I’m having trouble finding any recruits, sneaker companies supply a reliable plan b, and I’m sure it won’t be the only Plan B in use that day.  It’s obvious that men hate shopping for women, shit just never works out right, however, we do know our way around our local sneaker shop.  Thankfully brands like Nike and Reebok offer exclusive Valentine’s Day styled kicks for your lady friend.  Saving us the time spent at a Macys counter getting high off perfume.  Hey, I’m sure you’ll even find a way to sneak a pair or two home for yourself.

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