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Mayday- The Future Is Now

¡Mayday! – The Future Is Now
Directed/Edited by:  Wrekonize [a great addition to the band, did they even have a vid before this?]

Download: ¡Mayday! – The Future Is Now

¡MayDay! is a fuckin band! They like make their own music and stuff…crazy right?—-

BernBiz – Vocals
Wrekonize – Vocals
Plex Luthor – Keys / Producer
Primo – Bass
Gianni Cash – Percussion / DJ
L.T. Hopkins – Drums
They’re everything i wish El Pus woulda been [that’s  a burn! ha]….this video has got to be one of the best vids I’ve seen in the last 5 years or so. The genius that it is only rivals the likes of All Caps or Daytona 500 [it takes balls to even come close to that vid].
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