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Stik Figga – It Ain’t Easy Bein Skinny.


For every dude skyed off of codeine or every trap star in the hood, there’s 10 Stik Figas.  Regular dudes, with real life problems.  It’s hard to deal with every day shit.  Stik Figa is that kind of emcee.  He’s so undeniably real.  Repping Topeka, Kansas and Memphis [watup?] respectively, he brings an interesting dichotomy to the game where it’s a perfect combination of Down South/Midwest Soul mixed with New York realism.  It’s a breath of fresh air. His latest mixtape It Ain’t Easy Bein Skinny, Presented by Mike Waxx of illRoots is available for download, here.

Stick Figa – Part of Town [prod. Miles Bonny]

This mixtape is an album. Period.  The majority of production credits are split up between:  Miles Bonny, Michael “Seven” Summers and Leonard Dstroy.  Lyrically Stik Figa has that talent to go where the beat takes him.  On tracks like: The Pie, Medicine, Figa of Speech [track is crazy] and Bro Bro, he can spit hard and aggressively, where as on tracks like, Lookin Good, What It Is and Sure Thing he delivers a more mellow flow.  But regardless how he delivers, his rhymes are full of jokes, wit, wordplay, story telling and unadulterated TRUTH.

Stik Figa – Class of 2000 [prod. Michael “Seven” Summers]

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