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LEP – Low End Professionals

Count of L.E.P. – 10 Take Down Commandments, directed by Da Visionaryz [same cats that did Mikkey Halsted’s beautiful ass video Liquor Store…]

Download: Count of LEP – 10 Take Down Commandments

Chicago is one of those cities that I understand in Theory, but it’s one of those had to be there type places. In New York, there’s no doubt that there segregation amongst different neighborhoods, but from what I understand, in Chicago, it’s a lot worse and the tension is much higher. Like New York, it’s a city founded by gangsters, but unlike New York who has one of the largest immigrant populations, Chicago still has a lot of Native Chicagoans calling the shots. Most recently their crooked ass governor comes to mind. To elaborate, the streets of Chicago are no joke–you remember back in April when 36 people got shot in a 2 day weekend?–That could have never went down in any boro in NYC,real talk.

On the Hip Hop landscape, you have dudes, Like Kanye, Common, Rhymesfest, Lupe, Twista, Vakill and even Infinito reppin’ Chicago. As far as gangsta rap, none of them really went, there, hell even Do or Die were pimps first. So even though all of these MC’s talked about the messed up conditions of Chicago, in actuality, none of them really explain on a national scale how could those shootings happened in April; it’s almost like it came out of nowhere.

In steps L.E.P. [Low End Professionals] who have an ear to those Chicago streets. Chuck D called rap the Black CNN and L.E.P. are the Larry King’s for the Chicago branch. Continue reading