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Who’s Universally Controlling Minds?

Common – Universal Mind Control

It’s always a catch22 to see an artist emerge from the underground after 15+ years of steady grinding.  As a fan you want them to be able to grow and get the money and the accolades equivalent to the skills they possess. But like any artist, in any genre, once you hit it big, the sound is never the same.  Universal Mind Control is Common’s 8th Album. I wasn’t feeling the single very much, but just on loyalty alone, I had to cop it and add it to the other 7 [they would be lonely].  Perhaps the single, Universal Mind Control, was a message about the MAN?  Nah it’s just about dance music, “Stylin’…and Being Fly” [lol]

Common – Inhale [prod. Neptunes]

I’m going to drop some mathematics.  Universal Mind Control is 10 Tracks deep. Of the 10, 4 represent the quintessential Common sound and flow:  Announcement, Gladiator, Changes ft. Muhsinah and Inhale.  Of the remaining 6, you have 3 mandatory chick joints:  Punch Drunk Love ft. Kanye West, Make My Day ft. Ceelo and Sex 4 Suga [still trying to figure that one out].  And the last remaining 3, including the latest single are the New Age-Disco-Dance-Cocaine tracks:  Universal Mind Control, What A World ft. Chester French and Everywhere ft. Matina Topley Bird..
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