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New Mos Def!! *updated Full Song

So to those of you who don’t know; we stan for Mos Def over here. Simple and plain. This dude is a major reason why this site even exists right now, so it is our great pleasure to drop the 35 sec snippet [also on his myspace] of his new single” Life In Marvelous Times”, off his new upcoming album The Ecstatic.

Mos Def- Life In Marvelous TimesProduced By Mr. Flash
Mr. Flash is a French producer who is know for his Disco/Electro kinds of remixes…

We don’t know when the album is dropping, but the single will available for download on iTunes…c’mon take a guess…any date, pick one…yup! November 4th! I don’t have any other information, but as soon as we found out..it’s goin up. I was thinking how, there’s less than 14 days left until election day and Mos Def has been on the quiet tip…just the same though, what is there to say really? We know what it is and we know what we have to do on the 4th.

Also, for those of you who missed the late August tease track—
Mos Def – Glow