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I for one know personally, that NBA weekend has traditionally always fallen on or around Valentine’s day.  Catching the Slam Dunk contest can damn well ruin a relationship, ya’ll mofos better TiVo, especially if your other half is help paying that RENT—RECESSION BITCHES!


Ken Boogaloo [Weebee Foolish]- Not A Game [NBA JAM]

*Divshare is messing up the track quality if you like here’s an alternate download

So when we first heard this track performed at Public Assembly a little while ago,  we had big plans for this track, it got All Star Weekend written all over it.   The wordplay on this track is ridiculous©….To break it down to the bare minimum, Ken Boogaloo, incorporates every NBA team on this track–Pretty hard to do if you think about it, how you put Timberwolves or Raptors in a rhyme and have it make sense?—He did it for the most part….

Just Cause–  Here’s the link to All Star Weekend,

HedAk B–we’ll see who get shot lol